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Polymerim offers a New Patented Technology for AntiStatic Rubber Gloves made of Latex and Nitrile. US Patent 10,479,874.  Nov. 19, (2019)


Dr. Shimon Amdur, is the sole owner of  US patent 10,479,874. 

It is a Utility Patent for new manufacturing compositions of Antistatic Rubber.

Specifically, dipped AntiStatic gloves made of Natural and Synthetic Latex.

In the past, Dr. Amdur worked with Condoms and authored patents for those products. 


After leaving Academia, Dr. Amdur joined the Industry and worked for Leading US Corporations on R&D of various important polymer products. Among them, the start up of HDPE Films for shopping groceries bags, with Atlantic Richfield a major Oil Company, Philadelphia, and Hair Dyes technology, for the main hair color brand in the US, Clairol, Stamford CT.

latex gloves factory.jpg

As mentioned above, Dr. Amdur worked with Trojan, largest condom brand in the US, Carter Wallace, Cranbury, NJ and on Water Absorbent flower arrangements Green Foams, with Syndicate Sales, the main US floral distributor, Indiana.


After retirement Dr. Amdur peruses, independently his interest in dipped rubber gloves in Thailand. 


While in Academia Dr. Amdur published in a variety of peer-reviewed scientific Journals. Among them, Polymer Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Review of Scientific Instruments, JACS, Chemical Physics and Journal of Chemical Education.

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